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Date: January 8th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

#3 Section
4 D.A.C

Wavre Belgium
Jan 8, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of November 29th yesterday and was so glad to get it.

I think that is a great idea if you can get Mrs Johnson's house. I have no idea when well be back. They told us that all the 5 divisions would be back by July but sometimes I think by the way the army moves usually that will be lucky to be out of here in a year.

The latest is that our Division- the 4th- is to march though Paris & London. Well you seem to hope that I am in it. Well I don't agree with you If you knew how much work things like that mean, you wouldn't wish that I get in it.

I wish you would mail me a pipe. I lost mine a long time ago & I got a Belgian one & its not good. Mrs Mahon send me some dandy tobacco. If you ever feel like sending some tobacco why send "Edgeworth".

I was out after some rabbits yesterday with a regulation rifle. I didn't see any (of course if I had seen any they would have been shot).

I do a lot of bareback riding round here through the woods & country. Its too much bother putting a saddle on.

If I get back before June 31st perhaps I can write the provincial exams I was going to to the year I enlisted.

Will close now but will write you again soon


P.S I suppose you wonder why I always use a pencil when I have a pen. Well ink is quite unprocurable in this country

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