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Date: January 2nd 1918
Arthur Teer

Jan 2./18

My Dear Auntie

I just want to thank you so very very kindly for the sympathy & kind wishes you so sincerely expressed in your latest & most welcome letter of Dec 1st & which only reached me to-day.

Our whole beings thrill with the great kindness & spirit you have conveyed to us so many times through your mail from "home". It makes things so much easier for us at the front when we know the friends & people at home are so much behind us. I fear my letters are always, of a more or less monotonous strain to you Auntie. I do hope you can understand our position here with the strict censorship so active with our mail.

But we have been in almost every one of the big "scraps" that have taken place since we first came out & there are few of my old comrades left now. But rather than give in under such sorrowful mishaps we are all "spurned" on to try & avenge them a terrible thought quite probably for you but it is strange how awful callous a person becomes in time.

Most of us are anxiously awaiting to hear of the "Americans" getting into action to some extent to relieve our gallant "French" comrades at last.

I often hear from Home Father, Violet & Bill taking turns in writing & are all keeping quite well.

Well Auntie it is getting cold & late & my candle is also very low so please pardon me for closing so abruptly. I most sincerely hope & pray that you & Uncle Henry, Edith, Daisy & all the others are all keeping in the very best of health & spirits.

Pardon my awful scratching.
Your Loving Nephew
Arthur Teer
91239 021st C.F.A

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