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Date: August 11th 1917
Arthur Teer

Aug 11/17

My Dear Aunt Sahra

I feel I owe you a very deep apology for not replying to your most recent & kind letter & my only excuse is that I have been kept unusually busy lately. I have been waiting a long tune to tell you just how pleased we all are that the "States" is in the war on our side & we one & all sincerely hope a favourable decision will soon be reached. There is nothing but mud & work out here but I don't think many have regretted coming. Our boys are fine they are quite calm in great danger & some of their times & trials are almost unbelievable the people at home simply have no conception whatever what heavy fighting means out here & maybe it is just as well. In the last letter I got from home everybody was quite safe & well. "Martin" is now living in Toronto & Uncle Fred has taken up a big farm in Alberta but lost all his first crop by hail fortunately he had $10 an acre insurance which is some slight compensation "Grandma" was also enjoying good health. Have any of Uncle Georges boys been called up yet? Kindly Give all my very Warmest Regards & Kindest Wishes. How is Daisy & Edith & the Children keeping? I have not had a leave yet & am anxiously awaiting to see England again. excuse my awful scrawl Auntie I will now close with very Kindest Love & Wishes to all.

Arthur Teer

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