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Date: April 16th 1916
Arthur Teer

Ap 16/16

Dear Aunt Sahra

Although I received your ever welcome & kind letter some time ago I have hardly had any time to myself & have not been able to reply before this we have been so very busy. As the weather improves so the activity increases which all means harder work & longer hours on duty for us.

We have been in action in several different parts on the line (this being about our tenth different camp) the continual moving about gives us a better opportunity of seeing the country & different parts of the line all of which is very interesting & helpful to us.

In our 3 months in action we have been very fortunate regarding casualties only having a very few men wounded although the majority have experienced some rather narrow escapes which more or less leaves you a little shaken.

But the spirit of the troops is excellent & a very cheery optimism pre dominate. I suppose you will be very busy with the spring sowing now. I wish you could see the way the inhabitants farm here. As you probably know Belgium is considered the most thickly populated country in Europe & the farmers appear to be able to make quite a fair living off a farm of from anything of 10 to 40 acres.

Lace is a great industry & is made by nearly every woman in this locality. windmills are another feature & very picturesque (also mud?)

Well Auntie we are having lots of night work to do now & do not get over much sleep. So if you will excuse my briefness & scribble I shall close & "Roll in" I expect to be on duty at least the next two coming nights so "Au Revoir".

Trusting you will give my very kindest love & regards to all.

Yours sincerely
Your Loving Nephew
Arthur Teer

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