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Date: October 25th 1917

Maresfield Park
Thursday 25/10/17

My Dear Gertrude

Mid week again. We have had an Inspection by a William Robertson today - the Chief of the Imperial staff. Rather a waste of time & in not too good weather, but will encount doings on Sunday. Pay day today got an unusually large amount - the worst is that if tis [?] pay one losses it later & a week or so without pay is apt to be inconvenient. However it may luckily be back pay due to me.

A fairly lazy week but a lot of outdoor work so not too much note making - as well as it seems impossible to get much time to write them. They give us a great deal of physical training in our first two weeks here.

A concert going on in the YM main Hall - can just here enough in there, not to follow what is going on, except occasional band utterances - a little disturbing tantalising - a lady reciting or something at present - bursts of laughter occasionally from the audience. His "A" company's farewell concert- all their exam troubles are over they leave on Saturday.

The news is rather good to-day the big Fiends push Leon way with 8000 prisoners.

His 9.30 pm. but I am as sleepy as I would only have them by 12.30 in Toronto. Hope all is well.

My very best - love & you

Yours Jack.

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