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Date: December 16th 1918


My dear Gertrude,

I did not get a note off to you yesterday - am only going to write short notes in future as the chances of you reading them on the western side of the Atlantic must be surely very small now.

A letter from you at noon to-day. You had just seen the Kitchener people. Glad you enjoyed meeting them & that they were able to get up to Pearson Avenue.

It was news to know that Alec was en route for Siberia although I rather expected it. As usual I owed him a letter - had hoped to call on him when passing through town on leave - but evidently I would have been much too late anyhow.

I am sorry to hear of John Hayward's loss. I don't know his address or I would write to him.

Ottawa has never cabled so it looks as if they merely wanted the address as evidence of good faith. In similar classes in England the police cable to one's O.C. However hope it is all settled by now.

I don't think your uncle could publish your banns till you arrived but it is likely to take me the 15 days to arrange to get away. Leave is officially reduced to 3 months to day - so I will be due again anyhow by February 24 & most probably be demobilized a good while before that.

Hope your little party was a success.

I will enclose Mother's letter telling of some weekend surprises they had at home.

Hope all is very well.
With all my love

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