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Date: April 1st 1919

Tuesday 1/4/19

My dear Gertrude,

Am afraid the likelihood of my getting away before Thursday afternoon is practically nil. Have put in the whole day today filling in forms for the men - about 5 for each - one a very complicated & long affair.
Had hoped to get the medical examination over to-day but the only time the Doctor could see me was at 11 & we had to parade at 11.50 to be inspected by the General & bade farewell to rather premature seeing we don't know when we leave yet. That might have made us late for the General if we had gone to the Doctor at 11. So we kept on filling in forms till parade time & stuck to it all the afternoon & will see the Doctor at 10.15 in the morning.

I suppose the Doncaster license will cover the extra 2 weeks & perhaps an extension of the Eccles one will not be difficult. If not easy, I may yet be able to rush things by Friday night - if it is not too difficult to extend you may prefer to wait till next week.

You ought to get this by to-morrow afternoon's post, but that would not give too much time for a reply - I was going to suggest you might telegraph me on Thursday, if you would like me to get by Saturday if at all possible & I could telegraph you back if it was possible. But perhaps it would do equally well if you wrote me to Doncaster, as in any case I will get there as soon as I can, & can at once telegraph you from there in reply.

We had it bitterly cold last night & up to noon today, but it has come in much miler & the sun is bright. April May, & ought to b, a nice month after this severe March.

I must close this to make sure of getting this evening's mail which closes in camp at 6.30.

Did I tell you yesterday I had lost my Camera, stolen from a case on the voyage. It is partly my own fault, as it was not a locked case, but the only time our stores were unguarded was in the hold of the ship, & that I thought was sealed up when the hatches were on. It seems it was get at able from the lower deck. Unfortunately all my undeveloped films of Ypres etc are with it.

Although it gave good results I never really liked the camera, & intended getting a more convenient one when I could afford it. Will have to save up, when that becomes possible.

My very best love, on paper again

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