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Date: April 11th 1916
Brother and sister
James Fargey

April 11th/16

Dear Aileen and Cecil

Well Sister and brother how are you getting along? You have written quite a few letters to me and I'm taking this opportunity of writing. We came out of the trenches the morning before last and are in the supports at present. There is a Y.M.C.A here where we can buy things to eat and we are getting along fine. Some times it is hard to get the food cooked while in the trenches and we can buy all kinds of canned fruits here.

We have had fine weather up till today and it started to rain this morning. but I do not know how long it will last. [?] came over from England and landed here a few days ago but hasn't been in the trenches yet. They have the kilts and look fine but they are not for the trenches especially in the wet weather

How is school going? Is there any snow left yet and do you drive yourselves?

I guess the roads will be bad when the snow is beginning to melt and the roads break up. I am glad to hear that you reorganized your [?] and [?] because it certainly was a good success last year and I hope it will be the same this year. I hear Mr Marsh is leaving this term. He certainly didn't stay very long. Has the snow started to go away yet. There will certainly be some water lying on the land [?] it all [?]

The French people around here are beginning to plant their gardens now. I suppose by the time you get this letter you will be doing the same. Well Cecil how is Teddy getting along? Is he a [?] as ever and are you able to drive him yet. Well Cecil and [?] this is about all the news this time. I am always glad when I get letters from Canada. With love to all. I will write Mother tomorrow.

From your loving brother

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