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Date: April 30th 1916
James Fargey

April 30/16

My Dear Mother

Well here it is nearly the first of May and we are having lovely weather and I hope you are having the same. Every is looking green around here and is beginning to feel like spring. The leaves are just beginning to come out and the crops shooting thro the ground. I haven't rec any letter from you this week yet but I expect one any day now. Have you started putting the crop in yet? I guess spring will be rather late on account of having so much? I now and there will be ground. At present we are in dugouts and are getting along very good for grub. Altho often times we are short of bread while in the trenches.

Miss Kull sent a parcel some time ago but I haven't rec it yet but expect it any day now. Things are rather [?] around here today and it is Sunday altho it doesn't seem like it because it generally is just the same as regards working parties or anything in the line of work. There is not very much news to tell now seeming that we can not tell too much news about trench life.

I see that the soldier and the policemen are having riots in Winnipeg. It certainly is a pity that the soldiers cant keep peace because they will get all the fighting they want out here and they can send us back and will keep peace alright. There certainly must be quite a few soldiers in [?] now but I suppose they will be moving a number of battalions this spring to England. Is there any sign of the 179 battalion leaving for England yet? I guess they will reinforce our battalion when they arrive here.

How is Fran K [?] after his winter at College? It certainly was good for him and the trip did Father go also. Next winter you will have to take a trip. Do the children drive themselves to school? I guess the roads will be in very bad shape when spring is beginning to break up.

I am sitting outside the dugout now writing and the sun shining down good and strong. It certainly is fine weather and it is so much nicer in the trenches when it is nice weather. The lads who were out here in December must certainly have suffered with the wet weather in the trenches as we only had a few drops of rain and I know what they were [?] Well Mother we will be going out in a rest camp in a few days for a short time. Well Mother I think this is all the news I have to tell.
With love to everybody
From your loving son

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