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Date: August 9th 1916
James Henderson

Aug 9th/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec your very welcome letter tonight dated July 23rd and I was very pleased to hear from you. You can hardly imagine how we all look on certain days for Canadian mail generally on Thursday and Sunday and how when they don't come I know there is something wrong with the mail as I know they are written. I got a letter from Miss Saw [?] tonight. She writes a very interesting letter and so does Miss Keith.

I am glad to hear that Eileen was so successful with her examinations and hope she goes to Winnipeg for a few days. I am sorry to hear of the hail storm and of the farmers who got hailed out when there was such promising crop in sight. I am glad that the hail didn't effect our crop very much.

So you haven't bought an auto yet but I suppose you are working till I get home this winter I am glad to hear that Mr Lawson has got a [?] of some sort. I suppose Della will be getting married one of these fine days; I haven't had a letter from her for a long time but I think it is my turn to write.

What did Cecil think of Brandon fair? I am glad that Frank took it in also.

So you have your bread and onions every Sunday night as per usual. I have the bread here but haven't had any green onions. The rations were rather poor but it is such hot weather that they don't know what to send up.

So George [?] is in the hospital in England. If he [?] [?] the marching there he never will in this country as the roads are far harder here than over there but my feet are standing the marching fine.

Well Mother I will close now as it is nearly all the news for this time. I will drop you a card in a day or two.

Well love to everyone,
From your loving Son

P.S/ I got a letter from Mr and Mrs Faryon the other day

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