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Date: August 10th 1915
James Fargey

Aug 10th/15

Dear Aileen

I rec your letter the other day and the box of cookies and candies both were very welcome. The meals we get are pretty rank often. Tonight we had a soup a little pudding and bread and cheese. When the officer came around asking if there was any complaints every one of the five hundred stood up and [?]. I do not know whether it will make any difference or not but I guess we will soon find out. You can buy pie and cakes in the canteen if you like but the money would soon run away. I am piquet duty today that is to stay around the barracks from five o'clock and be ready if a call comes from downtown to bring any soldiers home. I don't think I will have anything to do. There are about sixteen up on duty. Arthur is on guard today. It is a very tiresome job on for 2 hrs and off for two hours for twenty four hourse.

They picked out the ones for active service the other day. You had to be joined on or before July 18th so I had not a chance to draw. They get the chance to go first. I expect they will be going in three weeks. We will get a chance to draw very soon. I haven't got a hat yet so I cannot wear my suit yet. They are run out of supplies today. We got shifted in to a new room the other day and we got with a very decent bunch of fellows. There were seventy follows in the other big rooms so they shifted some.

We had to march over to a the hospital the other day to get inoculated and were confined to barracks for twenty-four hours. We have four big policemen in our room, all big six footers.

I went up to Mr Mc[?] Saturday afternoon and staying for tea. After tea Mr. E. [?] came around with his auto and took me out for a good long ride. Through St [?] and out around Heldonan park. I saw Jennie and her husband or Mrs Fink as her proper name is. I was up to Mrs Willoughby's on Sunday went to St Pauls church in the evening. Well I guess this is all the news I can think of,

Your loving brother,

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