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Date: August 16th
James Fargey

Aug 16th

Dear Mother and Father

I rec your letter this morning and was very glad to hear from you. I thought I had written to you this week or I certainly would have written before. I guess I was just waiting for a letter this week thinking that I had written the first of the week. I am trying to get off for harvest and I think I can but I need a written letter from home saying that I can get a job. I am going to phone home today so as father can send a letter tomorrow saying when he needs me.

I dropped a few cards last week to some of the friends in town. I went to Central Congregational Church yesterday morning and to St Pauls Sunday school. I think I will attend St Pauls church. Graham gave Arthur and I an introduction to Mr Roddar the minister. Leslie and I went down to Mrs Keiths for supper last night. Miss Keith is coming home on Tuesday.

It has been awful warm here lately but it is a change today. I am on guard today. It is a very hard job on duty 2 hrs and off 2 hrs for twenty-four hours; but we get half a day off and are allowed to sleep. Leslie was on duty Sunday so he could not get off till the [?]. We got inoculated last Friday and were confined to barracks for twenty-four hours. Miss Dora Faryon was at Mrs [?] over Sunday. I was up there for dinner; she is going out to her school today.

Today our regiment is marching through the city but I been on guard- did not have to go. I got my full uniform now and have quite a job keeping the buttons polished.

Well I guess this is all the news I can think of now but will tell you all the details when I go home.

Your loving son

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