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Date: August 25th 1916
James Fargey

Aug 25/16

My Dear Mother

I rec your welcome letter of the 7th the day before yesterday and your parcel of the 18th of July today and thank you very much for the parcel. The cake is fine and the cocoa is good to take up to the trenches.

You needn't send anymore [?] as we don't use it very much. He sox and underwear are very nice as I just needed them.

The last trip into the trenches was a very wet one, but it was a short tour so we didn't mind so much and the weather cleared up after the first day in. Mac Woods is back with us again. I don't know how his feet will stand the marching as they are not in good shape; but mine are fine and I can stand the marching.

I was very sorry to hear that you were hailed to such an extend as you were as you had such prospects of good crop. I'm glad [?] and [?] got up for a visit but I suppose [?] only stayed a few days as per usual.

[?] is out in this country now. I haven't seen him yet but some of the other lads saw Harry Martin and Fred [?]. There are certainly quite a few Canadian battalions out here now.

I wish I cud have been home to enjoy the spring chicken with you but all [?] [?] I [?] to [?] I expect for the Christmas turkey. I am glad to hear that Aileen went to Winnipeg for a holiday as it will be quite a trip for her. I saw Clarence [?] the other day. He is in the 43rd but came with a draft from the seventy [?] form Brandon.

I never got that parcel that you speak about Aunt Jille sending, although I have never had any trouble with yours as I think. I got every one you sent yet and all in good condition. You should see some of the parcels that come in rapped in cardboard boxes and all the contents all smashed up.

I got a letter from George and Aunt Viney the other day and also one from Miss [?]. Georgie seems to have had a good time while in Belmont but didn't stay very long; but I suppose he was needed at home. What do you think of the picture the four of us for taken. I think I will send one to Mrs [?] as I only had three card I sent one to Mrs [?].

At present we are billeted on a tour and in an old school house. They are fine billets and it is something to be able to stretch out and have a good sleep. The average dugout in the front line holds about two and you have to curl up in some peculiar shapes to get in some of them. Well Mother this is about all the news this time. I will write to Father also.

With love to all
From your loving son

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