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Date: December 5th 1915
James Fargey

East Sandling
Dec 5/15

My Dear Mother

I rec your letter last night dated the Nov 14th. So you see that it takes a long time for letters to come over. Some of the lads got letters dated Nov 16th The mail boats do not run as regular in war time as in peace time and I guess English mail only leaves Canada twice a week the same as Canadian mail leaves here. I have no received the box of apples that you said Father sent me but I am suspecting any of these days. I sent a Christmas parcel home the other day. I guess it will get their before this letter. I bought a couple of things for you and Aileen while I was in [?], but when I got home to camp I found that I could but regimental badges so [?] a badge for you at Folkestone yesterday and sent it yesterday. It is so hard to get anything and harder to send it away. I got a couple of badges for the folks at [?] place but haven't sent them yet. I couldn't get anything suitable for Frank or Father so I am sending them a pound to buy what they like. What do you think of the regimental writing paper? I don't know whether we are going to get any leave at Christmas or not. I hardly think so because we are [?] [?] now and will not be there by Xmas and some of the older soldiers need a holiday worse than we do. They expect a draft to leave from here [?] [?] I think they should send some men to Service. They are having it pretty hard, but things are rather quiet at the front now. I think they are waiting for a big rush in the spring. I heard the [?] [?] this morning when we were [?] church parade. I think I like Dr Patterson from St. [?] church letter than Dr [?] from the [?]. They say he is Chaplain for all the Canadian troops in England at the Canadian tracks in England at the present time. We have church parade in the [?] room every Sunday morning as it is a little cool standing out in the open altho it is a fine day today. I think we will go [?] to [?] tonight to attend church. [?] is only about [?] walk from here. Arthur and I went down to Folkstone yesterday afternoon to do some shopping. Folkestone is right on the channel about seven miles from Dover so you can get an idea where we are camping. We have to appear on parade [?] [?] now. Yesterday a man appeared on parade without showing for a couple of days although he didn't look very bad, and he got three days confined to barracks.

Some lads had to go up before the Major for untied beds and they got C.B. also. I have not been up yet and will try to stay clear of it. There is no missing any parades here. I have seen fellows go up before the Doctor with bad colds and he gave them a few pills and put them on parade just the same as if they hadn't a cold. No matter what is wrong with you he give you the same pills. He can pass about sixty in an hour so you see he doesn't [?] very much. I havet been up before him yet with a cold I have been keeping care of all the colds now hope I [?] [?] Nelson is laid up with a bad cold and influenza. He was on parade until yesterday when the sargt Maj sent him to see him in his room. Several of our lads are in the hospital with colds. The parade grounds are certainly muddy but we have clean water [?] our boots and grease. [?] it is nearly bedtime. All our spare time is taken up with writing letters [?] [?] [?] came here and gave us a concert about three times a week. They have a regimental band concert once a week. Well Mother I guess by the time you get this it will be near Xmas time. I guess you will receive [?] [?] letter before then but in case you don't I wish you all a very Merry time and Happy New Year.

From your loving Son,

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