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Date: December 15th 1915
James Fargey

East Sandling
Dec 15/15

Dear Mother

I rec' a letter from you today which was dated Nov 18 and just rec' it today. Dec 16th I guess the boat that the letters come on was a slow one just like the one we came over on. I haven't rec your papers yet that you said you were sending or the box of apples that Father sent, but I guess they will arrive very soon.

You mention in your letter that my knees much be cold, but they weren't. We only wear our kilts when we go on church parade and if we are on guard and of course id we go down town. Often I only have them once a week I never drill in them as we have our serge trousers. Thank you for thinking of sending me a knee cap as it might in useful when we go down to the ranges but I don't think we will do down will after Xmas as we are just taking into musketry now that is learning all about the rifle and the different sections for shooting in. We got off at three o'clock today because we are going out on night work tonight from seven till nine. We just go over in a nearby field and have different kind of training such as judging distance and sounds. Leslie Smith gets the Belmont News so there is no need of you sending it. We are not going to get any leave at Christmas as we are on garrison duty, that is a duty which nearly every man of the company will be on duty guarding government property in the [?] of the camp. One of the lads from the cookhouse said today that the cooks were preparing for Christmas dinner but it is hard to say what it will be like; but we will have to make the best of it. Tell Cecil that I got the birthday card be sent me and thank him very much for it and tell Arleen and him that I will write them very soon. I am glad to hear that the hens are laying Eggs at 8 cents a piece here and meat nearly as dear. I see you are sending a can of [?] acid. It is very handy as I use it sometimes myself. I wash all my own socks and towels but I haven't tackled the shirts and underwear yet [?] I don't think I will as it is too big a job for me. Cecil mentioned in his card that Percy was going to quit? What has happened to him and has he quit for good? I had a letter from Frank the other day and a card from Wesley [?] today. He got the address from Mrs Laurie. We got our pay yesterday and I am going to send that pound to Father and Frank and I think I will send another pound as I have nearly five pound now and I don't spend much now since any Xmas shopping is over. How did the patriotic box social come off? I am sending one of the regimental cards to Mrs Grant today and I sent one to Mrs Standing the other day. It is surprising the amount the stamps and paper runs up to around Xmas time after sending the cards away.

Well Mother I have two more letters to write yet and I think this is all the news for this time.

You loving Son,

P.S. I forgot to mention that I am eighteen a year ago today that I would be in England.

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