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Date: December 25th 1915
James Fargey

East Sandling
Dec 25/15

Dear Frank,

I rec your letter dated Dec 6 yesterday. I guess it was delayed a little on account of me being at the hospital. I guess you will get a surprise when I tell you I'm in the hospital at the present time with Influenza- as they call it here., but it is really just a cold in the head. I [?] sick last Tuesday morning and the Doctor took my temperature and said hospital for me. I am at Moore Barracks hospital and think I will be out the first of next week. George Money came in a couple of days after I did with the same trouble as I have and so we both spent Xmas here in the hospital. I haven't told Mother anything about it yet nor don't think I will tell I get out and back to camp. It has been raining nearly every day since we came in here so we are better here than parading in the mud. You don't want to say anything at home about us being here as it would scare mother altho we are not very sick.

Each of us the the wards got a stocking at the foot your bed this morning with all kinds of things in it. They were went from churchs through out [?] cities in Ontario and each of us got a pair of gloves from the Red Cross Society. The lads were up last night and brought up my letters and a seal from the Patriotic Society at home. I haven't got Mother's parcel yet but expect it when I get home.

Dec 26th

I haven't time to finish this letter yesterday as lights go out at seven o'clock and so I will try and finish it this evening. The Doctor came in this morning and asked me if I was fit to got back to camp and so I got my discharge this morning and am going back to camp tomorrow morning. I was certainly glad so I'm beginning to get tired of it. I don't know when George is going to get out; but I guess it won't be long. Quite a number of out lads are in the hospital with cold. The weather would give anybody a cold with so much rain and mud. We had a turkey dinner yesterday and plum pudding. I wouldn't have called it much if I was at home but seeing were soldiers we thought it was alright. I expected the lads up today, but they didn't turn up. I guess they were on some duty or pther. Is the snow very deep in Manitoba and how is the skating coming along. That is one thing I will miss this year but I intend to have a roller skate in Folkestone some of these days. Who are you boarding with this year? And how is younf [?] getting along. I suppose [?] does as much [?] as ever. We have some [?] patients in our ward. One lad takes [?] [?] just after I came in he took one [?] went up and turned over the stand and broke his slate cup and howl. It took three of the lads to hold him down; but it only lasted about five minutes.

When we came in here they gave us a blue uniform with a red tie and took away our kalki uniform. The other evening there was a concert for us down in Folkestone. The motor cars took us down and when we got there they took us in a big summer hotel and gave us a fine spread. We certainly had a fine time. I haven't got any parcels yet but expect Mothers to be here when I get back. I guess that box of apples that Father sent is goodby. Some of the lads here had apples sent to them and they never have rec' them. If they ever come as London they are taken and given to the soldiers there. I guess I will be on light duty for a few days after arriving in camp. It will likely be officers [?]. [?] do you like taking up the drill at college and do you do any [?]- I expect we will be going down to the ranges in a couple of weeks. I have had several boxes of cigarettes given to me since camp in the hospital. But I gave them to Mr Woods and the other lads. The biggest surprise I got the other day was a letter from Mrs John [?]. Frank was writing and she wrote me a letter too. I suppose I will have to answer for courtesy's sake. But I would just a soon [?] [?] to some one else. I also got a letter from Maggie [?] the other day. She is [?] [?] in Brandon with Helen [?] and she dropped me a [?]. [?] surprise [?] us. I never hardly spoke to her while going to school. Well I think this is all the news this time.

From your loving brother

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