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Date: December 20th 1915
James Fargey

East Sandling
Dec 20/15

Dear Mother

I rec' your letter today dated Dec 4th but didn't get the letter you said you were going to write the next day. I guess it missed the same mail boat. I rec' that card that you and Father sent and thankyou very much for it. It was a nice. I also rec' Arleens card and a letter from Mrs Standing with two pictures of their family and one of the boys.

We are dismissed for the afternoon early because we have to go out on a route march tonight. I got a letter and card from Aunt Thera the other evening. She sent a nice card with four or five pictures which she took when in Manitoba. It was one of the house of the barnyard and one with Arleen and her chicks. One of Frank on the tank and one of the three when we drove away in the buggy. We have taken several pictures and are getting some printed off and I will send some to you. We are not getting any leave at Xmas as we are taking over musketry course. Dr Gordon gave out the program last Sunday for Christmas day. In the morning we have church parade and a dinner in the afternoon. After that they distribute the presents. I don't know what presents they are but I think it is some that were sent from Canada and in the evening they have a concert given by a London party.

I haven't rec the apples that Father send yet and have given up hopes; because several lads have had apples sent to them and never rec them. I don't think ever go past London if they get that far the parcel hasn't arrived yet but I expect it any day.

I suppose you heard of Lord Derby's scheme for recruiting. It certainly was a good scheme for getting recruits. Two Million new joined. Quite a number too old for active service but ready if needed to be called on I suppose now you are busy preparing for Xmas. All my shoppings done. I hadn't very much to do this Xmas but a bunch of us are going down town a couple of days before Xmas and by a few eats for Xmas day in case we don't get a very good dinner.

I think we will get leave after Xmas some time. One of the lads from [?] asked me if I would go up to Glasgow Scotland I think I will go up because I can see the country up north.

I wish I had been at home for the patriotic box social. I hear [?] got miss [?] box this time. She told Mac that she would rather has the Jim she had last year then the one she had this year but I guess she was only kidding me. We are supposed to let our moustache grow. I don't know what kind of job I will make of it. One of the lads in our hut has to go up to the office tomorrow morning for shaving his upper lip. I guess he will get a couple days C.T.B. Well Mother this is all the news for this time. I hope Father made up his mind to go out west after Xmas as he certainly needs a rest. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

From you loving Son

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