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Date: February 8th 1916
Brother and Sister
James Fargey

Feb 8/16

Dear Aileen and Cecil,

Well lass and lad how are things going on Maple View Farm? I guess you won't be able to see the maples for snow drifts now. I hear you are having quite a time doing chores. I suppose by the time winter is over you will be going on running a four horse team in the spring on the land. And Arleen will be milking the cows and going to school. How do you like your teacher this term. I guess there are quite a few in Mr [?] room. We have to spend tomorrow morning in washing out huts and bed boards and disinfecting them. I am going to have a sort of [?] tonight and write letters. I have quite a number of letters to write. It is very cold driving to school this weather and I guess it often is too stormy for you to venture out at all; but Father will be home in a little while and the trip will do him good. I had a letter from Frank the other day and he said the snow was so deep that the street cars couldn't get out to the college. This winter in College will do him a world of good [?] as he needed the rest now sister and brother don't work too hard and don't do too many chores.

From your loving brother,

Here is my address in case you forget it.

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