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Date: July 9th 1916
James Fargey

July 9/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec your letter last night dated June 17th and was very please to get it as we didn't get the Canadian mail for a couple days and I thought they were going to stop it.

Today is Sunday and you would never know it. When we are down in camp we have church service but when on the line you wouldn't know the difference in the line of working parties.

The trenches are in good condition now for they are half full of water and mud and we have working parties to drain the trenches.

I got that parcel of sox from the patriotic society and will answer them as soon as I get back to camp.

I am glad Georgie is down for a visit and glad she is looking well and hope she stays for some time and only wish I was there. I am glad to hear that you had a visit in Winnipeg as it will be a rest for you, I am not sorry that I quit smoking as I never have touched it since.

Well I guess you know that we certainly have some hardships to go through and especially since this big scrap. As the trenches are in bad condition but I feel [?] myself. I never had better health. We have been out here nearly five months now and I never have gone sick a day.

So you think that I am going to get leave soon. Well for a time I thought I wouldn't get leave soon but they do not send them away very [?] so I do not expect them for some leave yet [?] I hope the war will be over soon and we all will be getting leave. The Allies have certainly been taking quite a number of prisoners.

Well Mother I haven't very much news to tell. I will write as soon as I go back in camp.

With love to all.
From your loving son

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