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Date: July 22nd 1916
James Fargey

July 22/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec' a letter form you yesterday dated June 28th and one today dated July 3rd. It is just a year today since I enlisted and have been five months on active services that is not too bad.

We are still out in rest and having a good time. It is a good change from up the line where we can hardly hear the guns firing. I get the Free Press that you subscribed for and I got the parcel of papers that you sent also and wish to thank you for thinking of sending them.

I see Mac Woods nearly every day. He has a good job on the frontier and is back of the firing line as his feet have been very sore. The papers are certainly full of casualties and our battalion has lost quite a number of men since we came over. We weren't in any charges but just holding the line under shell fire and this is certainly hard on the nerves but I have come thro it safely and hope that we will be safe in Canada shortly.

So Jim Porter is wounded. I was talking to him about two days before there battalion went in and I couldn't find anything more about him so I am glad to hear that he isn't any worse. The battalion he was in was nearly wiped out but they held the line.

So Georgie has gone back she didn't stay long but I'm glad she got down for a while sp Delta and Alma picnic are over I used to go to them [?].

The Allies have certainly been making good advances lately and have taken quite a few prisoners and that should surely help to end this war sooner.

I haven't seen Leslie Smith for a few days as each company are [?] in [?] and they are quite a ways apart. You have a mistaken idea about companies and battalions. There are four companies in a battalion and the while battalion goes up the line at the same time although one time companies might be in reserve right behind the other companies. Leslie is a signaller in no 2 com but I generally see him quite often. We will be having church parade tomorrow morning as it is just a week since we have been out here.

The French around here are making hay now and the grains beginning to ripen. The apples in the orchards will soon be ripe also.

The French people are a better and [?] class of people than the Belguim. They are mostly all French around here and nearer the firing line most of them are Belgium refugees.

The towns around here are not up to much. Everything is very dear for the British soldier.

So [?] and family are going away for a holiday. It will be a nice trip up to Banff.

We are getting very good grub now. Generally have enough bread although a little short of jam and butter. I rec' Fathers letter today and will answer it in a few days.

With love to all
From your Loving son

The green envelopes have been cut out altogether. I do not know for how long or for what reason.

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