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Date: July 16th 1916
James Fargey

July 16/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec' your letter of June 25th the other day and your parcel the same day and wish to thank you very much for the parcel. It was fine and was in good shape when it arrived. Thank you for that one but I have got plenty of it and if you would send cocoa instead of the chocolate as you suggested. We got those parcels of candy from the patriotic and we will answer them. We send a letter a few

[Page missing]

Grain changing color. They are also making hay and it reminds me of Manitoba.

It is nearly a year since I enlisted now for July 22. I don't think we are having any drill this afternoon and I'm going to see Mac Woods. He is only about half an hour walk for where we are [?] and he is looking good and [?]. Tell Georgie that the candy was fine. I had a letter from Mabel Skinner the other day and she said she was sending me a box of candy so I expect them anyday now.

I suppose you heard about Jack [?] getting

[Page missing]

Has certainly a good name amongst the boys. Joe is always around when any of the boys get crowded. There has certainly been some here fighting this last month and a half and quite a few casualties but the allies have made gains along the British [?]

Well Mother I think this is all for this time. I hope Arleen is successful with the exams.

With love to all
From your loving son

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