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Date: March 23rd 1916
James Fargey


My Dear Mother,

I'rec' your parcel and later dated the Feb 20th the other day and thank you very much for the parcel. It was certainly acceptable and the candies were fine. Those socks were fine. But I have nearly enough socks now. For as while and yes kind of hard carrying them around when ive only have a small pack and have to carry everything with us. I had a letter from Aunt there sometime ago and she said she was also sending me a pair. Eats are about the best thing to send but we are getting along very well. Mac Woods is in a different company than Im again but he is trying to get transferred so we can get together again.

Those cotton rags came in very handy to use to clean our rifles as clothes like that are very scarce and have other bandage. I needed otherwise. Ive have been having very [?] [?] [?] weather lately but at has stated to rain to-day and I don't know how long it will last. Things are very clean here in the [?] of [?] canned goods or anything and we do not very much pay: I borrowed a pound from Mac Hoods as he happened to have some in the bank in London; so if you'll ask Father if he will take a $5 out of my account and put it to Mac's credit. Mac said not to mind it but I don't want to owe him anything and he sure and take it out of my account way you did you were banking the money you got from the [?] [?] this doesnt mean to send any as I have a pound now[?] and I think it will be enough [?] Im drawing my regular pay. Ive draw I Franc a day now that is about twenty cents and the remainder is credited to us in England. There really isn't very much news to tell. Ive received the Canadian mail very unregular lately. For fifteen days we didn't get any [?] I think it was held up on the shop. I hope Father [?] by the trip to the coast as he certainly needed it. but the weather was not very favourable while he was out there I wrote to the Horridip[?] boys some time ago while I was in Sandling to I guess they received the letter by this time. Well Mother I think this is all the news this time. I will drop Frank a line. Will love to all from you loving son John

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