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Date: May 9th 1916
James Fargey

France, May 9 16

My Dear Mother,

Well how is the weather in Manitoba? We are having my nice weather here although a little windy to-day. at present we are back at a rest camp for a few days and we certainly enjoy getting where we can buy things and where we can stretch our [?] [?].

Since I started this letter I have rec' a letter from you dated Apri 16th or at least Franks was dated that and I got a parcel of candy and chocolate from 500 Canadian place.

I guess you havnt rec the letter that I told you, I had rec all the parcels which you have sent only this last one dated 13th and it will be along some of those days as it generally takes a little longer for a parcel. It is a treat to get in a Y.M.C.A where we can write letters and there is a singsong every Sunday night and a land concert thro the week.

Yesterday they held church paradeand it was a treat for the whole battalion to meet once again and hold service. You were mention-ing in your letter about the papers mentioning about the Canadians being in the thick of the fight but our battalion and a number of others were not in the thick of it at all. The newspapers often hear funny rumors.

You are certainly having plenty of water [?] on the around this spring and it will delay the the spring work so We are having beautiful weather now and everything is fun and all the blossoms out. Most of the main roads have the hedges of tall trees along side of them and they are all out in [?].

We are just working now with the apples and grapes are ups and the gardens are ready. When we are out resting [?] generally play football for short. Getting matches between the different companies. I have read that book you send and it was fine. Im reading one now called "The Shorters" by Res. Brach and it is also a good one. Lester Smith's [?] in London set me a couple of papers it was very thoughtful of him as the [?] papers are always welcome.

I suppose you read in the paper about that riot in Dublin. It seems a shame when the nation is in war like this that there should be riots among our own people. They should bring them out here for awhile Thank Eileen[?] and Frank for writing to me I will write them again while we are out here. I guess at will be Franks birthday before you gt this letter. Give him my congratulations. I will have to write to Canada place and thank them for the parcel. With love to all.

From your loving son

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