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Date: May 13th 1916
James Fargey

France, May 13/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec' your letter yesterday, dated Apri 23rd and as parcel the day before dated Apri 13th. It didn't take very long for it to come straight to here.

I havn't had that letter from Aunt Vincy yet but I expect it any day now I was glad to heard that Frank got through his exams alright and got a good standing. I [?] glad to hear that the military training straightened Frank up but carrying a pack does not help it very much and it is rather hard on the back but we don't have very big packs now since summer is advancing. We got the kilts the other day and I guess we will have them all the time now.

They are not very cold as we are having such fine weather, altho it is raining today.

There has only been one communion since we have been in France and unfortunately I was on duty all that day. Dr.Gordon was away for a while when we came over firstbut he came the second time we went into the trenches with us and has been with us ever since.

We will have service tomorrow in the Y.M.C.A and that will be our last Sunday out before we go back to the trenches.

There certainly will be plenty of water on the ground and in the slough this spring.

I guess [?] will have quite a time, with his raft on the slough. I am glad to heard that the hens are laying good. Eggs are quite a price here. Two for 9¢ in your money, but we can afford them now and [?] as we save money for a few days while in the trenches.

To-day was supposed to be our big sportsday but I guess it is called off on account of the [?] [?] have been playing football and baseball and are having a fine [?] came out, It relieves the monotony of things and there is a band concert every night in the Y.M.CA.

Iam glad you have got started to work on the land as spring is certainly late as it is. Well Mother I think [?paged ripped] about all the news [?], and all the boys [?] along fine. [?] lots of love to all.

From Your loving Son

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