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Date: 1916
Mother and Father
James Fargey

who was just returning from the trenches. He had been wounded in the thigh and was off for six months. He was certainly interesting to talk too. He had been in the trenches for three months and a half When he left here we was nearly dead with consumption and he gained in flesh and feels fine now He says the hardships are not so bad as people really think they are. He was in pereral[?] charges that we read about in the papers. He had photos of trenches and different pictures near the front. He was bothered with press reporters as soon as he struck Winnipeg and was offered fine dollars a piece for his pictures but would not take it as he was not supposed to let things to press. Now don't want to go and work too hard getting those socks knit because I think there are lots of women [page folded] town who would give you a pair. Well I dont have to go on duty again till nine o'clock but have to stay around the guardroom. Now mother you dont was to work too hard because you know you are not feeling any too well. I suppose your expecting the [?] soon if the weather stays clear I think will write to Jack Glasp[?] to night.

Your loving son
JH Fargey

My No is 153395 instead or 59 I made a mistake in giving it to you. It does not matter very much about the no here but it [?] when you send the letters across to the [?] Country.

Give my love to the rest of the family and tell Eileen and Auntie that there their cake certainly tasted good in the evenings.

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Original Scans