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Date: 1916
Mother and Father
James Fargey

be a rest for you. So Georgie is visiting you any. I hope she gives you a good long visit this time.

I met Leslie to day and all of us are safe yet. We have had very few causalities [?] last [?] in.

When you are addressing my letters after this if you would put A company instead of No 1. it would be better [?] A Company. In fact in doesn't make any difference but that is the proper company. Of course I alway get my letters.

I had a letter from Norman Smith in the interest of the lodgers. I will have to answer it too.

Well Mother I haven't much more news to tell you. I will write in a few day. Tell Georgie and Eileen I will write to them.

With love to all.

From Your loving Son

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Original Scans