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Date: November 26th 1915
James Fargey

Pte J.H Fargey
No 153395 No 1 Com
43rd batt C.E.F
East Sandling
Nov 26th/15

Dear Frank

I rec' your letter to day that you wrote from the Agri. College. It was addressed on Nov 1[?]. It certainly takes a long time for a letter to come from Wpg to here. If I had of known that the letters could be have been addressed to the London War Office I could have had letters sooner, but when I reached here I had two letters waiting for meaddressed to Shornell [?]. As long as the letters has C.EF on them they will get us anywhere.

We are taking Musketry training now learning all about the rifle and how to use it. After musketry we go to the ranges to practice shooting.

Most of us have the Lee Enfield rifles. They are lighter and shorter than the Ross rifle and are far better for shooting.

The lads here never use a Ross for shooting on the ranges.

I have just been home a week from my leave. We certainly had a fine time in Leeds. The kilts are the dress for getting the Janes to look at you on the street. They weren't very cold with a pair of underpants on; but the worst trouble is that you have to wash your knees to often. I got my pictures taken while at Leeds send with send you one in the letter. Over half of our company are away on leave now and most of the remainder are on duty. I am on guard tomorrow. I cant pick it is only the second fatigue since I came here.

They have only two guards on the whole camp and we used to have six at [?] St. We were on garrison duty last week and had to send nearly all our company away to guard government property in the vicinty. They say that there were three Zeppline flew over camp the other night but we did not see them and maybe they were just fooling us. We have to cover up our windows up every night at dark with blankets and the whole camp is in pitch darkness. We have gone out on two route marches this week already. Wegenerally go out about seven o'clock and came in at nine. We do night work such as Judging distances in the dark and Judging [?].

This morning we had scouting It was rather interesting but hard work with on overcoat on rifle and packin our back. We have to carry our pack on our back every morning parade except an [?] our in the morning.
We get up at six thirty. First parade at 15 to 1 for an hour. Come off parade at eight and and go on again at eight forty-five. We have forty-five minutes at dinner and go on again til five o'clock.

We are going all day and have to look after our rifle and clean our boots after supper I think we have shorter hours next week.

Arthur and Leslie joined the signallers yesterday I had the same chance to Join them but ther is the infantry is good enough for me. They have to take the same work as us and the signalling extra.

Mae is going down to Folkestone to-morrow and I am to send this letter down with him because all our letters are censored before they go and maybe if they read this they will cross out something.

Our Major is going across to France next week to receive instructions on certain courses.

Our Colonel went to Canada yesterday to see something about recruiting. The parade grounds are just beginning to get dried up but it looks like snow these afternoons. We were up to our ankles in mud last week. Well Frank it is nearly bedtime.

This is all I have to write this time.

Your loving brother
JH. Fargey

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