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Date: November 28th 1915
Mother and Father
James Fargey

No 153395 No1 C[?]
43rd batt C.E.F
East Sandling
Nov 28/15

Dear Mother and Father

Here it is Sunday evening and just a week since I wrote last and the weather has changed since I last wrote. It is a little colder and it freezes every night but we dont mind it and they say that it doesn't get any colder I have a little cold at present but Iam keeping in very good health. The huts are warm enough and we keep a fire on all night.

I was on guard last night and just came off this evening at four o'clock There are only two guards on the camp but they have a garrison guard on [?] guard all government property. All the lads are down at Folkestone this afternoon and evening and thers only three of us here for supper. We had celery and tea for supper and made toast. We generally make toast for breakfast on top of thestore[?] One ofus get up in the night to make the fire so that it won't be out in the morning.

When we came over to England I thought things would be cheaper but meals which we get downtown are dearer than they were at Wpg.

Down at Folkestone last week I went in to a restaurant to have supper. I had eggs on toast, bread butter and tea. When I was thro it cost me a shilling and I never had half enough to eat. Eggs are very dear here over two shillings a [?]

Have you rec' anymore of yet from the government? Mrs.Cropley said she rec' hers. We have payday next Monday. It [?] we get 30 shillings. We do not know whether we have any leave at Christmas or not. If they give us any leave they want us to go back to Leeds. We were out one evening to tea to a ladys place named Manlickson[?]. We spend a very pleasant evening and when we were going away she gave us each a Kiss. When it came to my turn she jumped up on a chair and kissed me. It amused them but I told her I was used to woman jumping up on chairs to shake hands with me. She asked me to go to her place and stay the next time. I went to Leeds. The houses are very small Most of them havn't any more than two rooms and often times only one room downstairs Most of the houses have fireplaces to heat the rooms and to do the cooking.

I got a letter from Mrs Leith this last week. She hadn't rec' my letter then but had got the address from you. I guess she would have my letter shortly after she wrote. I got a letter from Frank this last week Iam glad he is having the winter off the farm. It will do him a lot of good. He certainly worked hard is life on the farm Iam glad to hear that you finished up thrashing and that the crop turned out alright. Have you got much fall plowing to get done?

I got my picture taken. While I was at Leeds They are a little dark and don't show up the bare knees very well. How is the weather in [?]? Has it froze up yet? Arthur and Leslie have joinded the signallers. I had the same chance to join them but I preferred to carry to rifle and pack. Well parents its nearly bedtime and I have to pull down our bed. [?] [?] rest of the lads are well and I am feeling fine myself. From you loving son.

With love to Cecil and Eileen.


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