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Date: October 8th 1915
James Fargey

Oct 8th/15

Dear Mother,

We arrived here to-night at 6 o'clock safe and sound. In a short time they marched us onto the boats and gave us our births.

The births are fine springs and nice white sheets. She is certainly a big boat. There are two more battalions from out West going with us. We sail tomorrow morning at 5.30 abd will have a good chance to see the St.Laurence. We passed a lot of barren country between Wpg and Ottawa. We only stayed at Ottawa ten minutes and did not go near the [?].

Everybody is feeling fine. We certainly got good meals on the train, only a lunch for 12 o'clock but two good meals. We had to keep our own dishes and was them. There is certainly a difference between riding on the mainline and a branch line. We came to North Bay on the CPR and from there on the G.T.R From Wpg to Montreal there were only four large places and the rest sidings. I Just heard that we expect to be ten days on the water Each room hold four. I was not able to get in with the rest but got in the next one with three Non [?] officers. So that is not too bad. The boat is certainly a large one to me, We are travelling second class. That [?] that you and Mrs Leeth put up was certainly fine and we enjoyed it. Mae has some too and Mrs Willoughby gave a box. Well mother I wait together[?] off the ship, before it get late. Don't worry about is we'll be alright. With lots of love. With lots of love to you and therest.

Your loving son
JH Fargey

I am sending you a picture of the steamer we are sailing on. She belongs to the CP.R. Everything is the same as the picture but where it is painted white in the picture it is black in lines of wars. She certainly sails smooth would not know that you were offland. Also well equipped with lifeboats.

JH Fargey

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