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Date: October 15th 1915
James Fargey

Oct 15th/1915

Dear Folks at home

Well here we are nearly seven days on the water but have the satisfaction that we are nearing our destination. We expect arrive at Plymonth next Sunday evening. It hasnt been real rough weather last night was the roughest and we rolled around in our bunks but it is not so bad today. I suppose you have been wondering if we have been very [page cut off] easick. Well we have all had a touch of it but have not been very sick myself only for half ay that I wasn't feeling well. George and Leslie ave had quite a spell of it but are getting better ow. We generally have amusement every afternoon n deck such as boxing, jumping, wrestling and ug of war Our team beatthe three other regimes in "tug of War". The meals we get are not very good and then you are sick you are not able to eat at all and hen you are sea sick you want to eat and eep walking on deck and will work the sickness ff. We have physical drill every morning for half an hour and spend the remainder of the [?] [?] [?] while the rooms are being mopedid. There a bout seventeen hundred soliders on board altogether from Calgary, Kingston, and Nova Scotia. Last I had been stationed at Mintos[?] Barracks I had tended to spend last Sunday and Monday at home [?] it crab Than knowing but we seen it [?]. There is a Chaplain with the regiment from Calgary and they held service on Sunday and Monday

I though a lot of home in Sunday and Monday specially and I guess you thought a lot of me and we certainly all need your prayers now and when we get to camp. Iam rooming with ree corporals and one of them reads a chapter aloud before we go to bed each night. I done some washing to-day so as to have everything clean when land on shore.

Sunday, Oct 17th
Well we are nearer land now We expect to land between to-night and morning. We were on the danger zone yesterday and will be till we land. We have had to convoys with us all day to-day one on each side on the lookout for submarines but I think we are safe enough. The sea is very calm today. We had a service this morning on deck and are going to have another [?] service tonight we have to have the lights out at dusk to-night so it wont show any light outside whatever.

Every night since we left Montreal the outsid portholes and all the lights on deck have been out seven o'clock and there wouldn't be any lights on board at all. We got orders this afternoon where all our [?] packed and be ready to imbark at Plymouth tomorrow morning.

Iam certainly glad that we are nearing lan is Iam beginning to get tired of it, although I have only been sick for half a day. I got off very light compared with what some lads had. The two convoys we have keep going in and out sometimes they are away ahead and other times right in close making a good search for submarines I do not think there is any dang at all.

That parcel by eats that
That box of candles that you gave us and that other parcel of eats were certainly fine Mae has a cake also We only washed we had need some for the boat instead of eating nearly all on the train I intended to post this letter as soon [?] we arrive but I cannot get any English or Canadian tamps on board they have sold them all out but if cant get any from anybody I will make the first portunity after I can get some stamps. Well Mother I will write as soon as I knowmy address for it [?] so long to go and came. I think I will drop a line Mrs Seith for she has been so good to me.

From your loving son
JH Fargey

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