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Date: October 24th 1915
James Fargey

Bramshott Camp
79 C.H of C.
Oct 24/15

Dear Mother

Well here Iam spending my first Sunday in England. I have been writing letters most of the afternoon writing letters. I wrote one to Aunt Tellie and one to Aunt Mary. It has been raining nearly everyday since we came here and is raining harder this evening. They have the camp fixed up very good for the wet weather and we do not notice it as much. We went down to Haselmere yesterday afternoon to see the town. It is not a very big town and there only seems to be one long street with all the houses and stores on the one street. There are two clubs open for soldiers. They have writing and reading matter and have all sorts of games, they serve lunch also. We had our tea their yesterday evening. Things are not so cheap here as I expected them to be yesterday I had a plate of cold ham, bread a piece of ginger cake and a cup of tea and it cost ten pence or twenty cents in our your money. They charge soldiers a little more than other people so I have to be careful or two shillings a day wont go very far. Have you received any money yet from the Government? I [?] t3 10's the other day so I wont lose it. I don't think we will be going to Shormcliffe for two or three weeks anyway because some are going away to-morrow and we have to do garrison duty here for two weeks. Our officers don't know what to do with us because they have'nt the authority to do any thing and have to write to Shormcliffe for orders. We have only had one days drill since we came here between raining and cleaning the rooms out. We got Well we have just returned from a Y.M.C.A meeting. We sang several songs and an chaplain gave us an interesting address on the first chapter of John. It is still raining and looks as if it will remain raining all night. There is a Y.M.C.A building here, and two camp home buildings when there are reading, writing,m and all kinds of games. They have a short service every evening and sing a few short hymns. Well mother I think I will drop Frank a line before going to bed.

From your loving son

Pte J.H Fargey
79 CH of C No183395
Bramshott Camp

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