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Date: September 8th 1915
James Fargey

Sep 8th

Dear Mother

I arrived here safely yesterday evening. When we got in it was raining and continued to do so on and off all evening. Well they have picked a draft of one-hundred and fifty to go next Wednesday that is a week from to-day.

They choose the draft yesterday I was not here but my name was on it. All the lads from home are on the same draft and the same platoon. I went up to Mrs Leiths last night with the eggs. Mr Leith is at Edmonton but they expect him home this week. I saw Miss Leith last night also. Iam am going to take my civilian clothes up to Mrs Willoughty's[?] to-night

My cough seems to be better as I have not coughed very much since I came here I think it will soon be better. Dr Shereson came into [?] the same day as we did. He treated us to our dinner at Somerset, and we had the lunch near Wpg I saw Beatrice McPhail[?] at Somerset and Marmie Smith was going through also. It rained most of this morning but seems to be cleared up now. We drilled inside this morning and expect this afternoon. I suppose the threashing will be stopped for awhile [?] they at our place yet? Mrs Leith asked me to go [?] for tea one Sunday and bring Leslie along. I suppose you or father will be up to the city on Saturday or Tuesday. Well you write and let me know when you are coming. George Money tried to get a pass off for next Saturday and come home Tuesday but they said everybody on the draft would have to be here Monday and Tuesday but he says he might get a pass for a couple of days this week. Leslie and I intend to go up to Mrs Lawrence this[?] Well I guess this is all the news for awhile Love to all
Your loving Son

JH Fargey

[?] forget the address[?]
Pte JH Fargey
No 2 Comp
Mintost Barracks

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