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Date: September 12th 1915
James Fargey

Sep 12/15

Dear Mother,

I rec' your letter yesterday from George Money Mrs Leith had asked me up for dinner to-day but seeing that I was on guard to-day I couldn't go up. Arthur as on guard too. It is the first Sunday since I Joined that I have been here for dinner and supper. We got two very good meals to-day. It has been drizzling rain all day but when we have our big coats on we don't mind it. I got my picture taken last Thursday and got them last night it did not take them very long to do them. I only got a dozen because I thought I could get another dozen take in the the Old Country. I left one at Mrs Willoughly's and inten taking one up to Mrs Leiths. I left the rest of them at Mrs Willoughly and will send them to Auntie from there. It is not certain when we will go away from Ottawa; but they will give us three days notice so that I can phone you and you will have time to come in the [?] of us fellows from Belmont yet our pictures taken on postcards but when be developed them. he found they were too big for postcards so he put them on cardboard for the same price. Each of us had three so I will send them home with the rest. Mae Wood is in the same platoon as we are now and is going away with us. I think his mother is coming in I was up to Mrs Willoughly's for supper last night Elya Chambers board's there and goes to school. My sweater comes in very handy these cool evenings. We have not got our sweaters yet but expect we will get them tomorrow as I heard the [?] say that to-day that it was getting too cool without them, I have a little cold yet well not nearly as bad as it was when I left home

Leslie and I went up to Mrs Laurences last Thursday after supper and spent the evening there. Bill and Alec are certainly a pair. Mrs Willloughly certainly treats us good she gave me a bottle of jam for us lads. The meals are very good now. The other day we had canned tomatoes and corn. If we don't go away for awhile and if you could get a pair knitted socks and send them up with father Mae has two pairs and Arthur has one pair. They wear longer than the socks we get here.

Im sure some

It is very quiet around the barracks today everybody is home or downtown. Mae Wood took me up to Mr A Houghtons the other evening. While we were there we met a fellow belong to the 79th Camerons

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