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Date: July 3rd 1917

Aug 8

Here yet. The weather has been very wet and disagreeable but has turned fine again. Had an interview with General McAndrew on the 2nd and the matter of my command at Vendelles made quite clear. General McA. stated that he did not make any complaint to Gen. Seeley about the work at Le Verguier as there was no reason to, the work being quite satisfactory after his (Gen. Mc'As) interview with me. Therefor Gen. Seeley lied to me. This was made quite plain at the interview. Gen. McA. also said my work since then on the trenches was exceptionally good.

I am quite satisfied since the matter has been cleared up. He also said he would take up my matter of transfer personally.

I have now applied for leave in the meantime and it should come through tomorrow.

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