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Date: March 30th 1918

Apr 30/18

Amherst N.S.

Dear Sister

Just a few line to let you know how I am getting on. We are still holding out here but we dont know how long it will last. When you ask they say [?] we'll go to night and maybe not for six months. The Barracks hear are good and warm and we have hot a cold water in the morning but the grub is rotten. We have been hear since last friday and in the four days we haven't had a decent meal except what we go up town and buy. Yesterday out platoon raised a protest at the table when the orderly officer came around. We were having brown beans for breakfast we ask for mush and potatoes and milk and sugar in our tea. He was one of those over fearing bulldog boy and turned around and said (what the hell do you think this is a Hotel). We had the corporal report it and he got raked over the wals by the O.C. Today it was just as bad no milk in our tea nor sugar. Meat that could be cut with a knives and spuds with skins on for dinner. Breakfast was rotten too so after dinner 8 draft 9 draft and 10 draft all refuse to drill on the grub. When they called fall in the Artillery and about 20 Others were all that went so there were 700 men again about 60. The sargent major tried a little lecture but it was no use. Then the O.C. sent for Delegates. They went and said we wanted to be paid and better grub. He didn't give us any satisfaction except telling us we were getting army rations and that he would try to get us pay. No one went out this afternoon so our lieutenant gave us a lecture on army regulations then the OC said we were not to try this again or he would get armed guards. Every cheered our Lieutenant but the OC get a cool reception. He gave us general leave till ten to night so every body is happy just now. If the grub don't improve I think he have to call in a couple of armed regiments to guard us the men are pretty sore.

The rumour around here is that the reason we are here is because the is a conscript regiment in Halifax that won't go on the boat.

Well this is all about what is happening hear. How is everybody at home. I hope you wrote whenever you got my other letter maybe I'll be here long enough to get it. I was out to see the german prisoners on Sunday there are about 1100 here. They have barbed wire entanglements around them.

Well this is all at present. So I will close with love to all.

Your loving brother


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