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Date: June 26th 1900

Passed the Colenso Bridge on the Tugela at 4:30 A.M. Got to Ladysmith at 6 A.M. Had lunch at the station. Too dark to see effects of war. After we left Ladysmith a steady line of Breastworks & trenches. Passed a lot of graves. Passed through Elandalaagle and Glencoe Junction. Saw the bluffs where General Symonds was killed at the bombarding of Dundee. All of the bridges & culverts along the line have been blown up by the Boers. Had breakfast and fed horses at Glencoe Jc. Saw thousands of cattle and sheep along the road. Got to Newcastle at 2 P.M. Saddled our horses and rode them down to water. Then we picketed our horses and fed up. Slept in tents there. Newcastle is just a small place. Large search light that sweeps the country for miles around. Wrote to M. A.