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Date: September 19th 1916

700:220 No 1 Bay
17th Reserve [?]
East Sandling

Dear Flo

I recieved your letter yesterday and was very pleased to hear from you again but listen kid if you want me to get your letters put the above address on them for the address you put on the last one might not always find me as there is several Res. Battns in Sandling Camp I am sending your last address back for reference.

I have not wrote to Mrs. Madill but will do so at the first opportunity.

Well Kid I wish you had been with me in London the other week when they brought down that Zepp I suppose you have read all about it in the papers but I saw the whole thing from start to finish and it was sure some sight I would not have missed seeing it for $5 but you see a lot of things over here at times it would open your eyes at times. Well all my friends have gone to France but I don't know when I shall go as I am Instructor here now but I suppose I shall go sooner or later but its hard to say when but I should worry. Well Kid if you want to send me some socks you can send white ones I think they are the best but honest to God Kid I can't imagine you knitting socks.

Well I am glad you are having a good time in the east and I am supprised that the Hunstville people let the grass grow under there feet like you say but you need not be so fussy about a ford Car for I should be satisfied if I had one over here believe me I would have some time with a car of any kind over here for the Roads are good and there are lots of chickens about although most of them are as ugly as the devil but some are all right if you say it quick.

Well I must say good -bye now as I have got 3 more letters to write to night while it is raining and this is the 3rd I have finished, so hoping to hear from you again soon.

I must close.

Remaining as ever Yours


P.S. Say kid will you send me a plug or two of McDonalds chewing tobacco and keep it dark. F.C.P.

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