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Date: March 27th 1917

Mar 27th / 17
Bramshott Comp

Dear Flo

I can't for the life of me remember if I answered your last letter or not but I am not taken chances in war time as if I answered it well it won't hurt any to write anyway.

Speaking of blizzards this fool of a country is trying hard to resemble Canada for we have had about 6 Day Blizzards in the last week and I have heard some people say that canada could not be worse than this but I would like to plant them in on a good one maybe they would change there mind a wee little bit, you sure must be getting to be some skate artist when you start given skating Exhibitions for the public in general and while I think of it you might give my regards to William Boats Esq and tell him that & play short stop for the undefeated Battalion Ball team and Batting 450. and this team is sure good at shutting out these would be Ball teams around here for instance we played a double header Saturday and the first game our little South Paw pitched a no hit no run game in the second game our other pitcher won his game in fine style but not like lefty and we have a regular Home Run broken or ty [?] ...someone like that he just stalls around till the bases are full then slams one Half way to hell so you see we make the small trash sit up and take notes believe me.

I am sorry that you are so unhappy but we will hope for the best anyway there is not much one can do is there if so say so and it shall be done

Well Au Revoir Kid I expect to be in France very soon now I should go in the morning but happened to get taken off draft but I guess two weeks well see the last of me in this country for a while

Love & Wishes


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Original Scans