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Date: July 9th 1918


Dear Flo

Recieved your ever welcome letter yesterday and was of course delighted to learn that you are in the pink dearie.

Say you must forgive me dear for not ever remembering your birthday but I am getting awfully forgetful these days that is of most things at least but Ill try & improve in the future. How is dear old Mother now I hope she is quite better again for I do not like to hear that she is sick I can't forget the time a couple of years ago where she was so sick you know and am always afraid the same trouble might come back

By the way dear if you have any sheet music of songs that you don't want anymore I wish you would send them along for I have a friend who is a dream on the piano & sings just great so you see we could make real good use of those when we are out of the line couldn't we.

Well I her that poor old Peter has met an untimely end due to poison. I suppose that would not suit Dolly very well would it but as she has another cat now I suppose she will not mind so much as otherwise.

Give my regards to Billi or I suppose I should say the Krauger should I not, and for the present Au Revoir

Best love to all,

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Original Scans