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Date: January 3rd 1918

Jan 3 1918

Dear Flo

Received your letter O.K. also that little Satire The Devil Abdicates the Kaiser which I thought was pretty good. and at that I think it was about right. I also thought the little skating story was about the best yet I bet that kid sister of ours will be some Jane for sure in a few years she will be saying to you, you've got nothing on me kid get that on something after that style you know. I can see coming just as sure as you're ho[?]

Well how the devil are all the people getting along around home town these days I got an odd letter from Ivo Quitchell and one or two others but that is all so I don't get much news except from you and mother you see. Well there is nothing to write about so I guess signing off.

With Best Love for all,

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Original Scans