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Date: December 15th 1917

Dec 15th 1917

Dear Flo

Received two letters of you today of Nov 7th and 12th respectively of course its useless for me to say how pleased I was to hear from you, I am glad you are having nice weather again for at the time of your last letter it was a whole lot to early for winter but I guess it will well settled by the time you get this I suppose you will spend a little of your spare time skating this year now you have such a charming partner as Little Boole I wish I could take you for a twirl or two myself but I am afraid that will be just about impossible this year. And perhaps next for all I know, but I hope not if that will help any.

I am rather curious to know how made out with that solo you had to sing at St. Francis so you had better give an account of it in your next letter I suppose certain [?] critic like Mrs. Acaris & so mind that I know but forget there names would have a whole lot to say about it under almost any conditins, but you never want to take any notice of such old jades as that you know but I suppose this advice is quite unnecessary to you Eh.

I had a letter from Fred today and one from Mother and a whole lot of other friends so you see I get quite a number of letters one way or another.

Well Bye Bye for this time dearie.

Best Love and
Compliments of the Season,

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