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Date: August 9th 1917

Aug. 9th

Dear Flo

Received your letter OK and also that swell parsle and say you sure are the swell kid when it comes to sending a fellow a parsle it sure was a dandy and I got the one from mother at the same time but it was all smashed up a person cannot send cakes unless they put them in a tin box for you see things get a pretty rough hand round befor they get this far. I have been in the line for the last two weeks and there does not seem much chance of getting out for two more at least thats what it looks like just now and as a fellow does not get any to much to eat up the line a parsle makes me think it's a birth day party or Xmas you know but while I think of it if I have to send you a field card instead of a letter next week you will have to excuse that for this is the last bit of writing paper I have till I get back for a rest again unless I do happen to see some guy with a bit of it.

I was very sorry to learn that you have been sick but sincerely hope you are quite well again by this time. It seems that everyone that writes to me think that Bdn is getting worse all the time, well it might be dead all right but I could enjoy life there right now take it from me and the more quiet it was the better. I would like for a while a least for if I ever get home I am just going to eat and sleep for a whole month and smoke a few cigars of course and well I may go to a dance if I was not too tired.

Well how is the old side [?]opper getting on I suppose he is still copying a caligraphy key is he not with your able assistance I presume.

Well I guess Fred is still having some time at the peg Eh does he still think it is slow.

Well give my regards to Billikins you know and ship a letter along again soon.
Well bye bye for now

Love to all


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Original Scans