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Date: May 3rd 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

This is the second letter this week. I am just writing it for passtime, more or less. Being in the signal office with nothing to do, I may as well use my lessure moments this way.

Its about 10.30 PM now. the night is very lovely outside. Full moon, lots of stars and no air raid.

Up until now there was all kinds of hustle and bustle in the next room. The local womens club started a canteen for us shortly after we landed here last fall. In order to reach the signal office, one has to walk through the canteen dining room. All day long our signalers and Dispatch riders are coming in and out. The girls working there know us all by name. They are the daughters of the lords and ladies that live around here, Big Shots! They are not very stuck up with us though. It wouldnt do for them to be. The English seem to admire us for our indifference to class distinction. Class distinction over here is very prevailent, but the more we get around and meet people the better we can understand them. The people seem to be happy in their own class and dont envy the other. Personally I attribute it to lack of ambition. Nobody seems to want any higher job than their father has. If they can reach that peak they are satisfied. It saves a lot of trouble. Doesnt it?

The desk here is littered with cups, plates, knives and forks of all shapes and forms. The boys on duty go out and order their supper from the canteen instead of going to the cook-house. Its very handy for us. They serve fish and chips, sausages, peas, beans tea and cake and pepsi cola, the tea is free, the rest sells at cost price, so we can get a good feed at a very reasonable price. They also put their tennis court and sport grounds at our disposal.

I am relieved of all duties in order to train for the Div. sport meet. We are training this year in real earnest. I run two miles every after noon, and its like falling off a log. The Colonel excused us from all duties in return for our gaurentee of the winning team. A big order but we expect to fulfill it.

I will have to cancell my leave for a month or so for that reason. Its purely voluntary on my part, but I love it.

I will have to quit this for now as it is getting late. My billets are about ¼ mile away from here but JC left me his motor cycle so that I'll not be long in reaching them.

Give my love to Wannie, Matt and kids, Lorna Bob and no kids, Tick and car. And, of course, yourselves.

All the best, cheerio and Pip Pip.

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