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Date: January 13th 1941
Mom and Dad

13 Jan 41

Dear Mom & Dad:

I havent much to write about this time but material or not my new resolve to write at least one letter a week has to be kept.

"Man is not God" just played at the YMCA. It was a real good show (free of course) and another important feature about it was the free tea and biscuits after.

Dan is sitting across from me writing like mad. He corresponds with the most[?] people, Buckleys, Feetams etc. He claims the war cant hinder him from keeping his connections with the four hundred class.

The last two weeks I have been taking a wireless course. I came through that O.K. and am now starting on a transport course. Our officer takes a great interest in me and anything that crops up in the shape of a course, he pushes in my direction. I want to get any and all things of that nature with a view to jumping in the saddle, so to speak, when the opportunity arises.

There is a new army educational scheme coming into operation next week. Most of us are very enthusiastic toward it. I for one can hardly wait for it to start. Mathematics and mechanical drawing is my chosen subject. I cant possibly fail in that.

The letter with Ticks snap in it reached me O.K. The boys said I got gypped, Tick got all the good looks. Maybe they are right but don't tell Tick.

How is the old car coming along. Dan says to save the parts for us, we'll overhall her and get her running in good shape, you know how.

We got a letter of thanks away to the Bar Mill Boys at last. The three of us composed it. Every sentence had to be debated for half an hour before it met with the approval of all three. When the letter was typed and ready to send, none of us approved of it, Dan saved the situation by suggesting that we mail it and then walk under the nearest bomb. In any event, its gone now and the memory is slowly fading. We have decided to disregard the latter part of Dans brain wave and "Carry On".

Well I guess this is all for now, see you again next week, same time, same place

With lots of love from

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