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Date: February 28th 1941
Mrs. Whalen
R.T. Bowman

Broadcasting House. London. W.1
Telephone: Welbeck 4468 Telegrams: Broadcasts, London

Reference RTB/NP

28th February, 1941.

Dear Mrs. Whalen,

I am afraid you misunderstood the message I included in one of our broadcasts late in January. What I said was that if you particularly desired some relative or close friend to broadcast on one of our programmes to write him and tell him to get in touch with us c/o BBC. London, because it is much easier for you to get in touch with him than it is for us. We are not allowed to approach soldiers and ask them to broadcast except through official channels. On the other hand there is no reason why you should not suggest to him that the next time he happens to be in London on leave he pay us a visit. There are several broadcasts each week on which he might be included.

I do hope that with your co-operation we shall be able to arrange this before very long. Thank you very much for listening and for your kind letter.

Yours faithfully,

R.T. Bowman
CBC Overseas Represemtative

Mrs. Whalen,
RPO, Gatacre Street,

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