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Date: April 20th 1940


Dear Tick:

Thanks for the moss. I havent got what I should have or what I want to send you at this time. I tried to patch up that whole in the camera but, darn it! I only made it worse. I have a cover ordered now, and expect it in a few days. Then I will be able to take some real shots for you.

I want to get enough so that you can fill a whole page. There are quite a few Sydney and Glace Bay boys in the carrie[?] platoon. They drive those "tanks" looking machines. There is not much difference if there is a road or not, as far as those fellows are concerned. The tanks can go through almost anything. I intend to get some swell shots of them.

Of course everything is not work in the army and I will prove that by taking some snaps of the boys down town. Some of the boys are wooing the A.T.S. girls (Auxilary Territorial Service) or maybe it is the girls that is wooing the boys. In any case I will try and get you some choice shots of them.

I have two snaps that I will wisk along to you at this time. They are.

No. 1. John Alex McLeod from Framboise C.B. inlisted with the Halifax Rifles at the out break of war, anxious to sail with the first Division he transferred to the west N.S. Regiment. John Alex is pictured here sitting on one of the lorries of which it is his duty to drive being attached to the transport platoon. With him are some chap from Halifax and the south shore.

No. 2. Private Bert Bertrand pauses for a moment from his many and varied duties as a dispatch rider to pose for this snap. "Just let my friends in Sydney know that I am well and happy" says Bert. "and to prove it I've gained "1 stone" since coming to England."

Well Tick I've got to write to Wannie, so will have to cut this short. The next time I write I will have that "newsy" letter you are waiting for.

So long for now

Original Scans

Original Scans