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Date: September 29th 1916
Mother & Dad

Camp Hughes Sept 29/16

Dear Mother & Dad:-

You will notice by this that we have not yet left camp & we haven't the least idea when we will go. Our going over-seas was cancelled because we weren't back in time from final leave & the battalion wasn't prepared but we are under a minutes notice now. I am almost certain that we are going to Burmuda for the winter as our Col. Is fighting hard for it so that he may hold his job. It is beastly cold here these nights & I hardly think they will be keeping camp open much longer. We are drilling now with our fifty pound packs & its some load.

Cake is all gone, I didn't have it opened long before friends became very numerous & devoured it all. Well mother news is very slack & must drop a line to Gladys so please excuse this short letter.

ByeBye for present.

Your Loving Son.


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Original Scans