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Date: September 20th 1917
Mother & Dad

7 Platoon B. Com
78th B.E.F.

Sept 20 1917

Dear Mother & Dad:

Well, here I am again still kicking & well, "carrying on" in the usual manner. Havnt had a letter for some time, but I suppose its on account of the mail service.

Am out for a rest for a short time. The weather has been fine for some time lately & our last trip in the line was not a bad one. Have they been after Wilf to enlist yet? I sincerely hope he can manage to keep out of it as, no doubt Dad depends on him a lot.

Hope you are still enjoying the car rides & it is not as bad as the first one Wilf invested in.

Well Mother will close hoping you are all well.

Your Loving Son


Received your parcel & a letter to-day & was sure pleased to get them. Also got one from Ralph & I will write him again soon. I congratulate him on his success at school & hope he keeps up the good work & doesn't make the mistake I made & quit. Sorry to hear Mr. Keppington did not get in but I expected nothing else when I heard he was running against a fellow with two faces. Big peace talk around here but its like the other peace talks, just rumours.

Had a ceremonial parade & a couple of fellows in this battalion were awarded with Military Medals, which the fellows call Meconicie Medals. Meconicie is the name of a canned soup that we are issued with up the line.

This is all the news for present & have five letters from Inez to answer so must get busy (Recieved them all at once).

Am well hoping you are same. Your Loving Son


Recieved papers & am giving them to Lawrence Mc. When I have finished with them.

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Original Scans