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Date: September 11th 1917

France Sept 11/16

78 BEF

Dear Sis:-

Recieved your long & interesting letter yesterday & very pleased to hear that you are enjoying yourself, also in the best of health.

The weather for the last couple of days has been fine but it is so changeable over hear that one never know when it might rain.

You must excuse this scribble as my writing desk is a very poor one (the back of my entrenching tool) & I am sitting on my bed, consisting of four planks placed in the entrance to any old dug out. A rat has had the nerve to take the corner of this sheet, last night & I happened to wake up in time or it might have taken it all.

So Bill & Miss Hamm are married, well they will make some couple I must say. I suppose its your turn next El! Recieved a parcel from home yesterday & everything was delicious but not plentiful enough.

Your Loving Bro


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Original Scans