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Date: October 26th 1917

France Oct26 1917

Dear Bro:-

Droping you a line of B- to let you know that Fritz hasn't got my number yet & am quite well. Am out of the line at present but cant say that I am enjoying myself as it rains continually, consequently plenty of mud & the weather is not what one would call warm.

Hear conscription is going strong over there now. Well, Old Boy, I suppose your turn will come before this reaches you. If it is possible for you to join or transfer to the Royal Flying Corp be sure & do it as you are a mechanic & they are in great demand. It is not necessary that you should be an aviator to be in the R.F.C.

Well kid the above is the main reason for my writing & am short of B- so will close.

Your Loving Bro.


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Original Scans